Monday, April 5, 2010

Reason 3: To bring me lunch at work

If I'm working at the hospital, I don't want to eat from the cafeteria because it's not good food or it's going to make my cholesterol go up. If I'm at Advanced Imagaing (our out-patient facility), then there is no food available. I need a man to bring me lunch when I can't get away.


  1. And better yet, a man who uses his gourmet skills to fix that lunch in the morning, and shows up at your work in a fitted T shirt and well-hanging jeans, a boyish smile, tousled hair, and maybe a slight smudge of flour left on his sexy unshaven cheek- as though the first thing he did that day was get up and cook just for you! Feel free to kiss that flour smudge off in front of your jealous coworkers.

  2. That is the most beautiful thing I could possibley imagine. Mmmmm.... I will only add dark tousled hair.

  3. ha..ha..ha. im attracted to both dark AND light tousled hair!
    you guys better not take this blog down...EVER!!!
    oh and how did i find this website? I remember you guys talking about it at Tias bridal shower. Tia, you've fogged up the windows in a car? NaUgHtY nAuGhTy! heehee! who am I?