Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Reason 31: To move all my junk!

Sorry to go so long between postings! We both moved out of state, and in the process, blogging took a back burner. But it gave us the wonderful opportunity to experience yet another reason why we need men: MOVING.

When it comes to the male physique, I'm a shoulders and chest kind of girl. Rippling pectorals and well built deltoids have always made my heart do a fluttery little flip! But let me tell you, I have never had quite so strong an appreciation for that part of anatomy until it was pushing my giant heavy book shelf up the stairs... ooh la la, now that's what I call manly! Or stacking my billions of boxes in the trailer, hauling appliances out to storage, and showing me just the right way to tie down a mattress.

I have come to the conclusion that a man is an essential element to any move. Kind of like a moving truck, or a dolly. They really help streamline the process, and help you avoid the annoying aches and pains that come from actually doing the work yourself! They have muscles. They have trucks. And best of all, they have this manly need to show their strength and ability to rescue poor helpless females that actually makes them want to come help you move! Its the best of both worlds: Mr. Muscle-y Hotness does the hard work of moving and loading all of your junk, while you sit back and enjoy the view. And in the end he is actually happy for the opportunity! Hey- maybe if you bat your eyelashes just right, he'll forget to tease you about your five boxes of shoes...