Kissing Scavenger Hunt

Goal: To kiss a man in all of the following situations at some time in our lives- preferably sooner than later...

On the couch     AT 

On the floor     AT

While driving      AT

While on the phone      AT

In a park       AT

In a tent       A

In the rain

In the snow   T

Upsidedown (like in Spiderman)       A

Under mistletoe

Slammed up against a wall      AT

A complete, hot stranger       A

In a hay stack

By a crackling fireplace

In a middle of a crowded room        AT

In an elevator          A

In the backseat of a car         A

A firefighter (or someone in the attire)

Lying in the snow

When wearing blood-red lipstick

In a grocery store          AT

In a meadow full of flowers

In a tree          T

In a hot-tub       T

At the movie theater        A

In a car - and fog up the windows       T

At your parent’s house        AT

At his parent's house       T

In a pile of freshly raked leaves        A

While dancing        AT

On the beach        A

On an airplane

And trade gum     T

After a food fight

In the middle of the road   T

On a rollercoaster

In a haunted house

During a blackout

On a trampoline

While star gazing       AT

On top of the Empire State Building

In a lake

In the streets of Rome

On stage       T

On swings

Under water

Riding in a sleigh

On a boat      A

While sparking wint-o-green lifesavers       T

While eating pop-rocks       T 

While snowed in       T   

In a gondola

On top of a snowy mountain             

A- Amber has accomplished T- Tia has accomplished
Winner gets bragging rights- and lots of fabulous memories!