Friday, May 14, 2010

Reason 27: To smell

The sense of smell is very powerful. I'm not speaking for all women... but definitely a great many are affected by a man who smells good. It can make heads turn, and not-so-hot men look really good. I even have small vials of Tommy because I just like sniffing it. Gives me tingles. So MEN! Find a good cologne and wear it!

Reason 26: Help me rearrange furniture

We decided one day that our living room was lacking Feng Shui and so set out to find the best arrangement for all our furniture. As we moved the couch, bookcases, desk, and entertainment center around and around the room, we started getting annoyed picking up and putting down, over and over again until finally settled on the best possible set up. After letting out a sigh, we exclaimed, "This is why I need a man!"

Reason 25: Um...duh.

'nuff said

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Reason 24: Because even the best daydreams stink without something to back them up

Like any girl with even a remote exposure to Jane Austen novels, I love to daydream. Romantic interludes with dashing strangers, dramatic heroic acts of rescue, poetic declarations of undying love, delicious marriage proposals, fairytale weddings- and all other topics capable of making girls giddy with endorphin induced twitterpation elation- are available to me 24 hours a day courtesy of a highly active imagination. It's exciting, it's magical, it's fantastically glorious! And it's totally fake.

Sigh. The sad truth about dreams is that that's all they are- and all they will ever be. Eventually you wake up, and reality comes crashing down around you in all it's boring drabbiness. Blah. But if I had a real man to swoon over.... even if the most poetic thing he comes up with is, "uh, you look nice," it will be music to my ears! We girls like to talk about our dreamy knights in shining armor with their eloquent speeches and heartwrenching good looks- but for the most part we just want a decent man in pants who likes us for who we are. Provided he has a pulse and actually exists in reality. Because then what you dream about suddenly begins to seem possible...