Sunday, November 14, 2010

Reason 30: Smelly Things

Sometimes I think the male nose is totally screwed up. Step into almost any bachelor pad and by the time your foot hits the carpet a very distinctive scent informs your nose without a shadow of a doubt that GUYS LIVE HERE!! And the truly bizarre thing is, somehow the men don't even seem to notice!

So what's with the stunted smellers? Maybe it's hereditary- a biological defense left over from the hunter/gatherer days of skinning animals and rotting meat... who knows?

The point is- what may seem like an undesirable trait to the average fragrance-encircled woman, can actually be a good thing! Think about it- It makes men the ideal candidates for certain sense-assaulting jobs: Unplugging a toilet. Taking out the trash. Fixing the garbage disposal. Cleaning up after the dog. (All things I can handle, but frankly, my nose and I would rather not) And with my very own nasally-challenged hunk around, I shouldn't have to!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Reason 29: To even out the bed

I like big beds. Besides being roomier, compared to twins they just look better under fancy bedspreads and giant piles of decorative pillows! But I've noticed an annoying trend. No matter how many times I rotate the mattress, flip it around, and punch the sides, I can't seem to avoid the person-shaped dent that always develops smack in the middle. I've tried sleeping on the edges, but to no avail. It's almost like the mattress is mocking me, reminding me with its single-person-indentation that a bed of this size was meant for TWO.

I need to find a man, marry him, and bring some balance back to the bed. Of course, knowing my love of snuggling, this may just result in an even bigger dent in the middle...