Friday, April 9, 2010

Reason 16: To baby me when I am sick

It is no fun being sick. But as mentioned in the previous post, the very presence of the right man can make anything more enjoyable. And if he is willing to tuck me in, fetch me kleenex and juice, make me chicken soup, and drive all the way across town to rent just the right girly movie to make me not feel so icky, all the better! And he gets even more Manly Man points if he throws in a few "you are so beautiful" comments in spite of my baggy sweats, red nose, pasty skin, and crazy hurricane bed head.


  1. You know, I kind of disagree with you on this one. Now I do like it when they will fetch me things...get me sprite, rent a movie for me and so on. But mostly I want to be left alone when I sick. So many bodily fluids and I'm not pretty so I don't want my man to lie to me and say that I'm am. But I'm good with him getting me stuff just not hanging around me.

  2. I don't care if he lies to me- trust me, I'm aware I'm really a mess. It's the fact that he wants to make me feel better and isn't completely repulsed by my ickyness that is so comforting!

  3. i want to learn being like a girly girl that make the boy feels ok to handle all themself like tia, i hope i can learn that good thing from you.. peace ^ ^v