Saturday, April 3, 2010

Reason 2: All things weather related

There is a reason why men traditionally have shorter hair. They are uniquely suited to going out in nasty weather without suffering too much collateral damage- run their fingers through the wetness and whammo! Their hair is either back to normal or even hotter than before. (Mmmm, man with wet hair......) On the other hand, I require at least 25 minutes to properly recover from simply scraping my car windows in a snow storm, especially if blowdrying is involved. And don't even get me started on what rainy foggyness does to my makeup! Clearly I need a man to brave the elements for me- to shovel the walks, scrape the windows, start the car in the morning, and hold umbrellas for me, so I can stay out of Mother Nature's ickyness as much as possible. Avoid the damage, avoid the delays, and everyone is better off. So let's be rational about this, people, It's not about being pampered- it's about saving time. Obviously.

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